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An interactive wireframe allows to reduce rework and avoid misunderstandings

The All-in-one platform for Web and Mobile

add interactions to your wireframe

Justinmind Prototyper can be used to prototype any kind of application, no matter if you are designing a mobile or a web application. All those cases and even more are covered by Justinmind. Furthermore, Prototyper adapts itself to the type of prototype you're defining.

Responsive Design Prototyping

Responsive design for application prototyping

You don't need a different prototype for each device. Just one prototype to rule them all! Prototyping a responsive web site is really easy. With the 'on window resize' event and the 'resize' action you can choose what layout will be displayed for each resolution and make elements 'liquid'.

Gestures for mobile application prototypes

gestures mobile applications

Build amazing iPhone, Android, and iPad application prototypes. Simulate swipe (in all possible directions), tap-and-hold, pinch, and rotate gestures in your prototypes. You can even capture the orientation of the device and hence simulate responsive design!

Mobile Device Emulators

widget libraries for wireframes

Enjoy the full experience of a real mobile device in your computer. With the new emulators you will be able to simulate your prototypes for mobile apps as in an actual device. Gestures, native keyboards and select lists are just some of the elements you can simulate with these emulators.

Create your own widgets

widget libraries for wireframes

Create customized widgets and include them to your own widget libraries. It's as easy as grouping items together and drag them to the widget library. Justinmind also offers a wide range of widget libraries for iPhone, SAP, iPad, Blackberry, Android…

Define styles ... and make it pretty

create styleguide for wireframes

Create high-fidelity wireframes using guidelines, rounding off corners, cropping images or applying color gradients. With Justinmind's templates and design tools, you can define the visual aspects of the components to the pixel.

One Click and ... Document generated!

generate the document's wireframe

With Justinmind Prototyper, you can export all the information of your web prototype to a MS Word or Open Office document. It is an easy and convenient way to generate specifications document.

Export to interactive HTML

export wireframe to HTML

You can export your wireframes to HTML with all the interactions, conditions and validations defined and functional. Send your HTML prototype to your users, customers or providers so they can see and test it on their web browser.

Working with images is as easy as …

design & import wireframes

Import images dragging and dropping it from a design tool like Photoshop or simply from your web browser. You can capture and save the exact colors for your design with the color capture tool.

Test your changes instantly

simulate your wireframe

Change your prototype and experience its behavior instantly, clicking on the "simulate" button. Our ultimate prototyping software simulates your application prototype instantly.

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