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Gap Lean Experimentation and Prototyping
Lean Experimentation and Prototyping for Customer Services Learn how Lean Experimentation can facilitate nimble learning practices
Uber UX Research
Uber UX Research: Learning Locally, Acting Globally How UX Research scales to accommodate complexity across all possible dimensions
LinkedIn tips and tricks
How to use your LinkedIn profile as a designer Tips and tricks to make the most of several of LinkedIn’s offerings
Getting Started with Justinmind Pro
Getting started with Justinmind Professional Learn our Pro version, from basic interactions to sharing prototypes
Zendesk garden design system
The Zendesk Garden Design System How Zendesk uses its Design System to defend accessibility
Justinmind prototyping webinar 8.5 Find and Replace styles
What's new in Justinmind 8.5 Bulk Find and Replace and smoother developer comments
Yelp Product Manager Taron Ghazaryan
UX masterclass with Yelp: Design for scale Yelp's Product Designer reveals how to design for scale
Dropbox building collaboration ux first approach
How product and UX design work together at Dropbox Building collaboration in Dropbox for a UX-first approach
Justinmind prototyping webinar 8.4 omnichannel design
What's new in Justinmind 8.4 Omnichannel prototyping and Change Style updates
NASA Interaction Designer Ron Kim
How prototyping helps NASA Interaction designer Ron Kim reveals how prototyping launches rockets
Wells Fargo
5 things digital experience leaders need to know about UI/UX Tools, techniques and ways of speaking to boost design in business
Justinmind enterprise demo Steve Lu
Justinmind Enterprise Edition Demo Learn our Enterprise version, from requirements management to collaboration
Justinmind prototyping webinar 8.3 for iPhone X
What's new in Justinmind 8.3 All Justinmind's new features, including iPhone X prototyping
Microsoft UXer Esther Kuperman
UX as a tool for Growth Learn user experience from a former Microsoft UXer
Justinmind prototyping webinar 8.0 developer interface
What's new in Justinmind 8.0 Justinmind's new features, including the developer-friendly interface
Fjord designer Essi Salonen
Design Thinking applied: a real case by Fjord Fjord designers reveal how to apply Design Thinking
SEI UX designer Tim Gagnon
Integrate UX in Agile projects Integrate UX and Agile with UX-pert Tim Gagnon
Justinmind prototyping webinar with Sketch integration
What's new in Justinmind 7.9 New Sketch integration to prototyping with audio in Justinmind's new version
Userzoom Product Manager Sarah Tannehill
User research to inform a better product UserZoom reveals why user research is the key to better product design
Justinmind prototyping webinar 7.8
What's new in Justinmind 7.8 All Justinmind's new features, from CSS export to multi-target events
Business Analyst Terry Sundy on Design Thinking
Design Thinking for Business Analysts Find out why so many IT projects fail, and how Design Thinking can help you succeed
Justinmind free ebook Agile roadmap
Creating your Agile Product Roadmap Visualize project plans with our Agile product roadmap template
Justinmind free ebook on design case studies
How Top Companies Prototype Killer Products How Justinmind helps real clients bring innovative ideas to life
Justinmind free software glossary ebook
A to Z of Software Project Management Get up to speed with our free software glossary for designers
Complete guide to Lean UX Justinmind’s Lean UX guide gives you the 360 on everything Lean
Justinmind free ebook enterprise UX
Making an Enterprise UX-Friendly Learn how to create UX culture in an enterprise with our free Ebook
Justinmind free UX persona template
UXer's guide to User Personas Download our customizable user persona template
Justinmind free UX portfolio template
How to Make a UX Portfolio Make the perfect UX portfolio with our free template.
Person studying UX UI course online
Top 10 UI UX design courses to take now: free and paid Move your career up a notch with these free and paid UX-UI courses
Justinmind top tips mobile gestures post
5 must-use mobile gestures and how to prototype them 5 gestures that you need to use in your interactive prototype
Justinmind hamburger menu post
Hamburger Menu: alternatives to mobile UI’s most controversial pattern We take a closer look at the controversial hamburger menu
Justinmind article wireframes vs mockups
Wireframes Vs Mockups: what’s the best option? Wireframes and mockups -do you know the difference?
Prototype design ideas lightbulb
10 inspiring web and mobile wireframe examples 10 wireframe examples to help design web and mobile apps
Justinmind free vs pro post
Justinmind FREE vs Justinmind PRO edition Design interactive wireframes for mobile and web, free
Justinmind user onboarding design post
5 inspiring user onboarding examples: great UX, better user engagement 5 user onboarding examples that will inspire you
Justinmind Atomic Design tips post
Wireframing tools & atomic design: UX from the bottom up Get the lowdown on Atomic Design principles
Justinmind parallax prototyping tips post
10 must-see examples of parallax effect websites Parallax scrolling for web and mobile – start designing now