mobile app mockup tool

App mockup tool for iOS and Android

Better communicate your mobile app UI and interactions

Real-life mobile gestures for app mockups

Add gestures to your iOS and Android mockups. Our mockup tool lets you add interactions such as rotating, swiping, pinching and dragging, providing an authentic mobile app experience to your users.

Device emulators for mockups

Simulate your mobile mockup on desktop screens, or test it out on real devices like smartphones and tablets to get important feedback from users and stakeholders.

Free iOS and Android UI kits for mockups

UI Kits for iOS and Android

Our free iOS and Android UI kits come pre-installed in our mockup tool to help you develop realistic iOS and Android mockups. Make use of elements, components – even whole screen templates – to design amazing apps to test with your users.

Test your mockups a real devices

Test app mockups on device

Test your mobile app mockups on real devices to see if your design works. Simply download the Justinmind app from the App Store or Google Play, sign in and start validating your designs with real users.

360º collaboration platform

Get a well-rounded mockup tool that lets you collaborate with team members and key users. Enjoy full JIRA and TFS integrations, as well as seamless design handoff for developers.

Mobile app mockup tool to share and get feedback
Share & get feedback

Review, collaborate and refine your mockup. Share it with team members, stakeholders and users.

Mobile app mockup tool with JIRA and TFS integrations
JIRA & TFS integration

Our mockup tool comes fully integrated with JIRA and TFS to keep designers and developers on the same page.

Mobile app mockup tool that makes design handoff easy
Design handoff

Export your mockups as HTML and CSS deliverables so that developers have everything they need.