Website wireframing

Powerful wireframing for website UI design

Design low and high-fidelity wireframes for websites and web apps

Web interactions

Justinmind helps you make your wireframe as interactive as you want it to be. Create a sequence of events, complete with transitions, dynamic content and all the visual effects you could need!

wireframing transitions

Make transitions smooth with fading, flopping, flipping effects and many more.

wireframing effects

Shaking, dropping, sliding or bouncing effects for true engagement.

UI Kits for websites and web apps

Design consistent web experiences, even as you grow and expand. Your team has all the right components within reach – from web wireframing to Salesforce and Bootstrap.

Web wireframing with UI kits
web wireframing with pre built ui kits
Pre-built UI kits

Enjoy wireframing, diagramming or sketching. Every single web component can be made interactive.

create your own ui kits for website wireframing
Create your own kits

Create your own components kit for a truly efficient and unique designer-developer workflow.

Visual design

Use of your favorite design products for visuals and make the whole thing interactive. Your strong visuals, turned into something you can validate.

clickable hotspots
adobe and sketch plugins

Pin the image for a floating icon, or edit the specifics such as margin, transparency or shadowing.

Clickable Hotspots

Have clickable regions in the same image, making it as interactive as you need it to be.

Adobe and Sketch plugins

Create interactive wireframes with your Sketch or Photoshop assets.

Deliverables for website projects

Your website design project just got a lot more efficient. Export specifications for both designers and developers – speeding things up for everybody. With these deliverables, everyone’s life is made easier.

generate specs from website wireframing
Generate UI specifications

In a single click, generate all the specifications down to the very last detail.

export website wireframe into html
Export to interactive HTML

Export to interactive HTML and have it readily available for your team.

More features you'll love

Bring website wireframing to new levels with our advanced features. Enjoy everything from clickable hotspots to fully-functional interactions.

forms design
Design forms

Enjoy form components that speed up the design process with basic built-in interactions.

data visualization
Data visualization

See data in interactive grids or lists with Data Masters.

conditional navigation
Conditional navigation

Lead users down the right path, establish different navigation according to user actions.


Create templates for styles, layouts and structures you intend to use frequently such as footers.


Create groups of components that you can use on several screens and apply universal changes.


All team members editing, commenting or even chatting inside the same project for quick feedback.