share your wireframe online

Share wireframes online and get feedback

Better communicate your UI designs to end users, customers and developers

Get all users on the same page

The entire team can review, leave comments on specific elements, and chat about any part of your online wireframe. Finally, a product that boosts your productivity and lies within the reach of all stakeholders.

get comments on online wireframe
Get comments

Any comments on your wireframe will automatically sync with comments in your desktop app.

chat on online wireframe
Chat on wireframes

Forget about waiting around for replies with chats inside your project for quick decision-making.

Hand-off for developers

Keeping the workflow efficient couldn’t be any easier. Your online wireframe can be easily turned over to developers along with everything they need to work on the project.

developer designer hand-off

Give your developers the CSS code exactly as they need to include in their code.

visual assets
Visual assets

Developers have full access to all the design assets.

distances and colors
Distances & colors

Get the exact distances between components and exact hexadecimal colors.


Multi-user wireframing

With Justinmind, your team can co-edit the wireframe as needed. We keep track of each change, should you want to retrace your steps.

Manage users and projects

user management
User management

Manage who can do what. So everyone can contribute, with no loss of control.

project management made easy
Project management

Organize the projects the way you want. Grant access to individuals and groups with or without password-protection.


Receive notifications once changes are made in the wireframe, so you don’t miss a single detail.