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Solved Armin Seltz 5 years ago

Just getting used to the Justinmind Editor and something I never thought would be an issue is becoming apparent.

It seems like your dev's tried really hard to make the zoom tool completely different to literally any other design software out there.

Usually, you hold Z for the zoom tool and a loupe with a + appears. Then you hold Alt (right below Z) and you can zoom out. Some tools (Adobe I think) even allow switching from the Hand tool (holding space) to switch to a zoom tool.

In justinmind I have to manually select the zoom tool, which is kind of weird for something you use ALL the time. Then it doesn't show you if it's zooming in or out and to zoom out you have to hold SHIFT, which I have never seen anywhere.

Could you please make zooming consistent with every other application out there or allow some sort of customization. If in doubt just make it work like Sketch, as I suppose that's the tool most interface designers are using nowadays (at least according to the survey by uxtools.co).

Any reason why it's so different?

Regards, Armin.

ps: oh yeah, and press V to choose the select cursor (like in all the adobe stuff).

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Hi Armin,

Thanks for the suggestion and the info! I have forwarded it along to our development team.



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