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Won't start on OSX

In Progress Keith E.ganger 4 years ago

I was asked to evaluate this for my company.

After install on mac book pro running Mojave 10.14.6

The app beachballs on launch and must be force quit. So the evaluation isn't going so hot

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So sorry to hear that! It sounds like something went wrong during installation. Can you try reinstalling from a fresh download here? Let me know how that works.


Downloaded and reinstalled same outcome


Thanks for letting me know. I'm sending this to our engineers to check out, and I'll let you know the source of the problem and a resolution as soon as possible. I'll contact you if we need any additional information as well.

Once we've got a solution, we'll reset your trial so you'll be able to fully evaluate the product.


Can you try this? It should help us gather more information to figure out why it isn't working.

First, unzip the attached files and then place them into the path: “/Applications/Justinmind.app/Contents/MacOS/”. One is a hidden file named “.options” so you'll need to show the hidden files (“CMD + SHIFT + .”) if you're not doing that already.

Then, the rest is done in Terminal.app, so you need to hit the shortcut CMD + SPACE and type “Terminal” in spotlight.

Once you open Terminal.app, type:

cd /Applications

open ./Justinmind.app/Contents/MacOS/Justinmind
This will open a new Terminal window with a bunch of text and Justinmind in the background.

We’d like you to attach the text inside this new terminal window, in a TextEdit file, for instance. You'll need to compress the file to .zip to attach it here.


Hi Keith - Have you been able to gather those logs? They'll help us resolve this and get you started prototyping.

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