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Will updating java to the latest version in virtual machine affect version 8.6.7

Answered Brandon Taylor 3 years ago


Looking for some help. I was alerted that my java version is not up to date and will need to be resolved. My question is that my license for the prototype is version 8.6.7 and I am not allowed to update to the newer version. I am wet behind the ears in server maintenance and virtual machines and trying to verify if I update to the latest version of Java will this compromise using version 8.6.7?

Any help is greatly appreciated

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Thank you for reaching out. The highest version of Java compatible with Justinmind 8.6.7 is 1.8. You can install the last Java 1.8 available, but no versions greater than that. Our latest version of Justinmind is 9.1.12 and is compatible with Java 11.

Please let me know if this is helpful.

Thank you,



Thank you Chloe. Your information was helpful

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