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Widgets with 100% width inside dynamic panel do not respect right padding

Solved David 5 years ago


When setting a widget to 100% width inside a Dynamic Panel, it does not respect the right or bottom padding, thus overflow outside of the container (if one also a left or top padding is set)


1. Add a Dynamic Panel to screen, set width to 100px

2. Set Dynamic Panel padding left and right to 20px and Layout to vertical or horizontal

3. Add a Rectangle to Dynamic Panel

4. Set Rectangle width and height to 100%


The rectangle will overflow outside of the dynamic panel by 20px, and width is 100px.

Note that the same behaviour is for Dynamic Panel bottom padding.

Expected Result

The rectangle width should be 60px (100px - 2 * 20 px padding) and be centered in the Dynamic Panel.

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Hi David,

Thank you very much for reporting this! I have sent this to our development team and we'll work on fixing this ASAP.




This has been fixed in our new update today. Go to Help -> Check for updates, or go to Justinmind.com/download to get version 8.5.

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