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Why is my template transparent?

Solved Lukas Wohlrab 7 years ago

I am working on an iPhone 6 app and the template which is a side menu is transparent for no reason (at least for me).

The side menu contains a rectangle aswell as some buttons. The rectangle color is white, but as soon as i apply the template on a screen, it becomes transparent. The same happens when I put a background color on my buttons.

It must be something about the default settings of the side-menu, but how do i change these?

Thanks in advance,


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Hi Lukas,

This occurs in order to distinguish between the template and the screen elements.

You can deactivate this option at : View / Fade Template Components.


Sonia Durán


The problem also occurs when i simulate the screen. The background of the side-menu is not visible. Everything underneath the menu is still as visible as without the menu above.

However I found an other way to solve my problem, so this case is solved.

Anyways thank you for your reply,


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