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Why can't I change the size of a check box element?

Answered Victor Conesa 8 years ago

When I add a checkbox element I go to size and position on the right and see that size is locked. I can;t press on the little lock to unlock it. The size is locked no matter what I do. WHy? How can I fix this?

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Because the checkbox will be adapted to the device and operative system. You can create your own checkbox though. Take a look at the different checkbox options you have in the iOS and Android libraries.


Hi Victor,

In CSS I can style checkboxes with no connection to OS and device, and it's shockingly strange to find out that it's the way it works in the best prototyping software I've seen.

You refer to iOS and Android checkboxes; no doubt they look pretty and make a vision of being working components, but they're not really functional, as there's no straightforward way to interact with their logic as form inputs. I can't grab a value of such element and get true or false - what I get is a name of an image file (wait..wut??) that is being displayed as a checkbox icon at the moment. While I theoretically can build my logic on this, it seems like a very cumbersome way to do things.

What I'm trying to achieve at the moment is two columns with checkbox lists, one for unchecked/new items and another for checked ones. I want the second list to be initially empty, and each time user checks an item on the first list to move it to the second. If I have an access to the logic that conventional checkbox gives me, the implementation would be simple and straightforward; but dealing with image file names all the way would make it close to impossible.

I do get a concept of a universal component that knows better than a user what should it do; but I don't think it's such a case. I've discovered JIM before not too long and have a very serious intention to buy a subscription and continuing using it; but these little things are making a whole bunch of sence. Imagine drawing super-beautiful prototype with realistic-level logic and interactivity, which has......Win95-style checkboxes and radios. No, it's not funny :(

I hope so much that the voice would be heard and salute you for the great work :) would add those quirky ones for now hoping to get an update on this.

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