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Where is hex code for colors in version 6.7?

Answered Victor Conesa 9 years ago

I see in the release notes>>>

"Hexadecimal color code now appearing automatically for easy editing".

Exactly what do I do to see the hex code for the color of an item?

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Hi Jack,

This note informs that, from this new version, when clicking to a color or using the color capture, you can se the hex code on the color font dialog directly (clicking on the arrow to open the dialog, on bottom of it).

If you wish to see the color of an item, use the capture tool and then, when you open the color dialog again, the hex color will appear on the capture dialog.




Today the hex value is showing exactly where I looked for it yesterday. (There was never any mystery about where it should be or how to see it.) Yesterday, I first checked Help>About to see if 6.7 showed; it did. Then, I think I restarted JIM and it still didn't show up. It's possible I had re-opened my current project... I think I did a new project too, but not sure. Today, in a new project, it is appearing. Maybe there's an application cache that is interfering?


why would you use rgb colors for custom colors, and hex for the rest? i now need to create a custom color from an hex and cannot do that. wouldnt be wiser to use the same format across the whole color system, or even better an option to change it?

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