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Where did the help site go?

Answered Dave 9 years ago

You used to have a deep and excellent help site with URLs like this one:


Sure, some of the information was sometimes a little out of date, but it was a comprehensive source for information about deep and specific topics like how to use all of the numerous text functions and constants in the expression editor.

Now, the former help URLs redirect to a "support" page that contains short and useless tutorials that are a pale copy of the former glory of the help site.

Is there a place to go for *complete* and comprehensive documentation, rather than searching and never finding anything on the "support" page?

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Hi Dave,

The same information that was on the help site can be found inside the software's help and it is not longer available online, the button should no longer be there so thanks for reporting.

By the way, we are working on improving all the learning section so if you have any suggestion about tutorials that could be useful we are happy to have feedback!




Thank you, Lidia. Yesterday, the "Help Contents" link in the app wasn't responding. In fact, later that day, Justinmind crashed altogether, so something funky was happening with my computer, I suppose.

It's working fine today, and I appreciate your rapid response.

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