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Where are the SVG files kept for the android tablet checkbox components?

In Progress James Smith 5 years ago

I want to know where the SVG images are that are used in the android checkboxes, I can't seem to discover but I know they are somewhere on my hard drive - I haven't done anything so whatever default paths justinmind uses that's where they will be, just don't know what they are! - to clarify when looking at the event/actions attached to the android checkboxes there is an 'on toggle' event which changes the value of the svg image from checked to not-checked, I want it to change to something else, but when I hit the ... to select an image, it doesn't open in a folder with images in, so I need to navigate to it, but i don't know where it is!



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Hi James,

To find those images, follow this file path, or something similar depending on what operating system you're using:


Look through the folders there and you'll find the Android Phone widgets and the images that are used.

Let me know if you have any questions.



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