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when moving an item in a dynamic panel, the entire group shifts drastically for every minor change.

Solved Victor Conesa 9 years ago

Using 6.4.1. I have some grouped elements inside of a dynamic panel. If I want to move a single element, the entire group jumps dramatically. A single pixel to the left sends my whole group approx. 18px to the right. Wha? This is incredibly frustrating when I'm trying to make minor aesthetic adjustments and have to go back to realign everything.

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Hello Sophey,

We're terribly sorry to hear you're experiencing trouble maneuvering grouped items. Our team would like to investigate this behavior more, and would be grateful if you could reproduce the error, while recording the screen. If unable to do so, it would be very helpful to obtain the prototype file along with a detailed description of the steps leading to the drastic shift. You may send the supporting material and your system specifications to us.



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