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What's with the flashing? part 2

Known ANTONIO 6 years ago

I have the same problem of some people before, about white flashing between screens transition. Is there any solution? It happens even if I export the prototype to HTML.

Any solution? Thx

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Dear Antonio,

Sorry for our late response. Can you send us the prototype so we can test the behaviour you are experiencing?




Hi Sonia,

To move this towards a solution, I have attached a prototype that demonstrates the issue. When using dark backgrounds for screens, it is desirable for many that the areas around/behind the screens that are revealed during transitions be dark/black, not white as you see in this prototype. The request, I believe, is for an ability to set this transition background/surrounding color, since simply requesting that it be black wouldn't work for prototypes with screens that have light backgrounds.

Hope this helps. Cheers!


Hello So I just wanted to share a workaround to this problem, useful if you are fading (not popping) between two screens with the same BG color. Basically rather than fading the screen, you fade the contents of the screen and then do a normal link. This works with dark background screens.I have updated and attached the prototype that Eggroll posted a while back to demonstrate.

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