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What's the difference between dynamic panels and animation? Hope to swipe between panels in 1 screen

Answered Lisa Sedano 7 years ago

I am hoping to create a wireframe for a mobile app screen that has a central panel with an image and text boxes (a la an Instagram screen) that will swipe right and is replaced from the left by another panel with its own image and text boxes, then after a beat swiping to the right revealing new photo/text.

I'm attaching a screenshot of what I currently have going on. I have created a Dynamic Panel consisting of the central part of the screen, with one panel, "Panel 1", within it. Can I then create "Panel 2", "Panel 3" etc. and set the Dynamic Panel to "swipe" from one to the other; or do I create events with swipe effects, or do I do both ...?

This is probably obvious, but I'm quite new to this. Any tips are very appreciated!



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Hi Lisa,

The following tutorial should help : https://www.justinmind.com/support/how-to-simulate-a-carousel-in-your-interactive-prototypes/


Sonia Durán


Sonia, thank you so much for your response! I actually found the "product walkthrough" tutorial to be quite like what I was looking for (leaving out the ellipses). I've set it up to panels change on swipes. I'm curious how I could create a video of these actions. Is this a feature that Justinmind offers or do people tend to use a program such as Jing, or something else? Once I figure out how to create a recording of the swiping panels, I'd like the panels to swipe without any visual spot (as it is, a green spot appears where the "finger" is touching to swipe). Is there a way to make the spot disappear, or do I need to change the event trigger from a swipe to just a pause of a short length of time or something else? Thank you!

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