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What do these expression builder errors mean?

Answered Katie 7 years ago

I'm trying to troubleshoot a problem and have come across various error messages about an expression not working, but I can't understand what they actually mean or how they relate to the expression sum components I'm using. I'll highlight the words and sum components I am unclear on.

Error 1: The final expression must be comparative or a text component since you are editing a condition.

(What elements in this equation make it not comparative or a text component?)


Error 2: The highlighted expression is text. Replace it for another one having a dimension result.

(How is a Data Master Attribute text? Why does this equation need a dimension result? What do I change to get that?)


Error 3: Similar problem to Error 2. Also is the Text 'true' a correct element in all these equations? All I want to do is have a hidden component show if the Data Master Attribute has one instance of 'true' in it's data list simulation. < How do I solve this?


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Hi there,

Your request is being dealt with in our Customer Support Portal.


Sonia Durán

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