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Weird and unnecessary whitespace in textarea, visible only on justinmind.com, not in local simulation.

Solved Dave 8 years ago

I have a textarea in a form that looks like this when running a simulation locally:


... but like this when viewed on justinmind.com:

Apparently, the HTML generation for simulation is different from the HTML generation for sharing via justinmind.com. Here are screenshots of the rendered HTML in the Google Chrome Developer Tools. The problem is obvious: on Justinmind.com, a bunch of extra spaces have been inserted before each line of the textarea (except the first):

Local simulation:

Shared vis JustinMind.com:

If we had the ability to insert our own JavaScript into our prototypes, I could code around this, but until then, I need a workaround from JustinMind.

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Hi Dave,

In order to investigate this, could you send us your .vp file to us?




Sent. Thank you.

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