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Web page states that I have only a "Free Account"

Solved sz 5 years ago

My company renewed my subscription (I got the delivery note as cc) but the web page still says I´m a "free user".

Unfortunately I can´t test out the license key as the ability to type it in in the app itself was removed since version 7.7.

In the FAQ an other user was told to "contact the account owner of the license and tell them to login to their online Justinmind account, go to the users page, and add you as a user". But there is nobody else having an account. It is only me.

I can only reinstall an older version which still has the field to type in the key.

I don´t know why it is always so complicated to get a new version/licence running. I´ve unregistered key and deinstalled several times

What can I do?

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I've forwarded this to our licensing team, and we'll get this sorted out.


Thanks for changing it to my email address. Now I see the correct subscription and I can run Prototyper

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