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Want to go to next element in a Data Master

Answered Holger Quick 6 years ago

In an overview screen the App shows all elements of a DataMaster in a Data Grid displaying only the image of each element (imagine images of cars). Selecting one element of the grid (with tap), the app links to a detail page displaying all information of the selected DataMaster element (in a data grid widget set to selected element)(Imagine the technical data of the selected car). So far so good, everything works fine.

NOW I want to offer the possibility to go to the NEXT element in the DataMaster record that means I want to display the next element of the DataMaster in the same data grid widget by pressing a button. (i.e. The tecnical data of the next car staying on the page without passing by the overview page)

The "paginate" command works fine as long as I don't already have a single specific element of the DataMaster selected for display in the detail page. Moreover, the "paginate" command would always start with the first element (first page) of the DataMaster.

I already searched a lot at your forum and tutorials. I only found similar questions without answer.

Do you have any ideas? Can anybody help me? Thank you in advance.

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Hi there,

Does this linked prototype achieve what you're looking to do? https://www.dropbox.com/s/tbtguny3jhu14sg/DataGridNextElement.vp?dl=0


Hi Danielle,

thanx for your immediate reply and the joined prototype. And yes, in a way it does what I wanted it to do, but you had to introduce a sequential number to the record to point to a particular line in the record. I wondered if there is a command like "got next line in record", but it seems that records are structured in a different way. IF there should be a solution without numbering every single line in the record, please tell me.

Otherwise I appreciate your reply and thank you.



Hi Holger,

Take a look at the attached prototype (screenshots below). Just change the ".rar" extension to ".vp". It is not compressed. Once opened in JIM, you will need to add the background image ("vehicles_carbon_fiber_background.jpg") to both the primary screen and the detail screen. A placeholder image widget already exists in both screens for this background image. You will also need to add the file path for each vehicle image into the "image" field of the appropriate record in the data master. This field is of type "file upload".

I would say this prototype is accomplishing maybe 80% of what you are endeavoring to implement. There is an initial screen that shows images of the vehicles, which are clickable and take you to the vehicle detail screen. Once on the detail screen, you can swipe left and right through the vehicles, with no dependency on an "id" field. Swiping simply transitions to the next or previous vehicle in the data master, as appropriate for the swipe direction.

The primary problem I cannot yet solve is how to get the detail page to start on the clicked vehicle. Instead it always starts on the first vehicle in the data master. And, unfortunately, I don't know that it is even currently possible with JIM to achieve the proper behavior. But I figured I would post this prototype to see if it could be a jumping off point for trying solve this remaining 20%.

Also, within the prototype outline, inside of the vehicle detail data record, you will also find graphics that are intended to display which image number you are on out of the total (e.g. "3 of 10"). These graphics, however, are currently hidden because I cannot figure out how to capture the appropriate image number for display. Hopefully, if there is a solution to the issue above, it may also provide the solution for this problem.

Let me know if it helps.











Hi eggroll,

wow, thank you for your reply and your research for a solution to my problem. I downloaded without problem, no links had to be redone, worked at once.

When you go from total view to detail view, you don't select a particular car in the datamaster to display in the detail screen. In fact, you display ALL cars in the detail screen, but with a datagrid of 1row x1column you show it page per page. That's why the paginate command works. The problem: if you would set a variable "selectedcar" to the selected car in the total view and then set the datagrid in detail view to "selectedcar", you would show the selected car in the detailview as you intend. But having set the datagrid in the detail view to only one particular car, the command "paginate" does not work any more and you can NOT go the next car in the datamaster.

The car prototype corrisponds more ore less to this prototype of the JIM tutorials with a page with only one element.

The display of a single element detail screen out of a list of datamaster elements without going to next element in detail screen is given in some JIM tutorials (I remember Contactdetails out of a Person-list)

I am looking for a combination of both cases: FIRST selection of a particular element from datamaster- list for display of details, THEN direct jump to next detail screen.

Danielle resolved it introducing sequential numbers to every entry in datamaster and then filtering for this number. This is a working solution, but slightly complicated. I am in search for a more elegant and direct solution.

Anyways, thank you very much for your contribution. In case we find a solution, lets inform each other.

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