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Answered Victor Conesa 7 years ago

How do I view a certain product/profile when I click a certain button/linked text? I tried using some of the methods shown in here. http://www.justinmind.com/support/how... The part where I need to assign it to variables but I noticed it only gets the latest or the last item on the list, not the item I clicked.

Also how can I get that certain image and transfer it on the viewing page? I tried to add an event to an image and set its value to a certain variable and then assign it again to another empty image on another page where it is supposed to be viewed. 9ef7994b9f0bcf8e771a02b11c12859b

that is all thanks

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Hi there,

You could try to have all three images on the page, but marked as hidden. Then, have an On Page Load event that detects a variable that signifies which image has been selected. Have the outcome of that event be 'show' for each image, with the condition When.. Variable = "Image 1" for example.



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