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view on device for BETA 9.0

In Progress Rick Makoul 3 years ago

I have followed a past thread with instructions, but its just not working for me. Ive attached a screen grab of the Settings / Signin. (I am using an iphone SE 2020- it works fine for the Regular version of JIM) but NO viewing results for Beta9.0. Any advice?

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You'll need to configure this information within the View on Device mobile app itself. Open the mobile app and click on the 'gear' button to access settings. You can change the server URL there.

In the future, please post beta-related topics in the beta forum - it helps us make sure we're providing the correct information for each question.


Hello, Thanks for reaching out. I have the current Mobile App on my phone( iphone SE '20). Sadly, the only thing in the 'gear settings'. I will also post to this to Beta. So, all I see in settings is: (nothing relating to URL Server, etc. Thx.

NETWORK / Restrict all downloads to WIFI.

Nothing else is there. Am i missing something like


Make sure you've signed out of the mobile app first. You should then be able to see the option to change the server URL in settings.

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