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Vertical navigation dots

In Progress TolgaI 6 years ago

Hello everyone and thanks for the support beforehand. I would like to learn if it is possible to create a copy of the Dot navigaton from this website ?


I know it is quite complicated but what I am looking for is:

Able to reflect the section I am on,

Changing the colors of the dots based on section (Black & White in that example)

And as an addition, displaying the active section name by the dot

Thank You


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Hi there,

This is possible through 'On click-> scroll to' events. You'll also need to create a dynamic panel with one panel per active dot (i.e. if there are 5 dots, create 5 different panels) and then change their appearance in each section to correspond to the desired look. Then, create individual 'on click -> scroll to' events for each dot in each dynamic panel.

Let me know if you have any questions.




Thank you Danielle for the comment. This partially solves the problem, clicking a dot to scroll the content. Last question is, is it possible to achieve the same effect vice versa ? Scrolling to a specific section on the page updates (show/hide) the active section dot (panel) ?


Yes, that should be possible using an On Scroll event. You'll then need to create a condition that is When.... y scroll = (for this you should drag an element at the top of the specific section and then change its value to y position).


Is this possible with a mobile prototype as well? My recollection was that there was no way to do an 'On click-> scroll to' event within a dynamic panel, that, instead, the entire screen scrolls rather than just the content within the dynamic panel. So, for instance, if you had all of the scrollable content within a dynamic panel and create an 'On click-> scroll to' event, the entire screen content would scroll, including elements that are intended to be fixed, such as menu items at the top of the screen. Or maybe I'm wrong. I haven't attempted in awhile because I couldn't get it to work.

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