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Using CSS / laoding Data

In Progress Michel 5 years ago


  1. How can I use own css for customizing elements ?
  2. If not, is it possible put the element properties in a file and then import it ( instead setting the properties putting in a file - reusing some common properties (e.g. color for other elements ) ?
  3. How can I import data (e.g. in a table) element from a file (e.g. csv) ?
  4. Can I export UI as pure HTML ?
  5. On which plans depend the functions above ?
  6. Can I use all the plans on monthly basis ? E.g. stopt he plan after 2 months and continue after 3 months again ?



Replies (2)

1. Unfortunately you can't use your own CSS, you will need to customize in Justinmind.

2. You will not be able to import CSS into Justinmind.

3. Go to the Data Masters palette and click the import icon.


4. Go to File > Export to HTML. In the folder that's generated, right-click on the index.html file and open it with a text editor to see the HTML code. You can also go to Resources > Screens and see the CSS and JS of your file.

5. You will need to have a paying subscription of any type to use those features. See the differences here.

6. Write us here and they can help you with this questions.


Danielle, thanks a lot for your prompt answer ! Regards, Michel

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