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Using check lists to retrieve data from a data master

Answered prototype user 6 years ago

I am trying to write an expression that will retrieve records from a data mater based on values selected in a check list widget. For example, each checkbox in a list represent colors: red, green, and blue. If the user selects the red and blue checkboxes I want to retrieve all items that are either red or blue. I am able to get it to work if only a single checkbox is chosen, but when multiple checkboxes are selected it doesn't work at all. It seems like if red and blue are chosen it is mapping it to a string "red,blue" and will only match a data master column that also happens to have the string "red,blue". Please advise.

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Hi there,

What expression have you created to filter the data master? Does it include filtering by the attribute color using the 'OR' comparator, or does it use '='?



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