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Using animated GIFs in prototypes

Under Consideration Bart Popenoe 6 years ago

I searched for a method for using animated GIFs in my prototype but wasn't able to find a simple solution in the tutorials (other than recreating the animation frame-by-frame using the event editor... no thanks!). I invented my own solution which I'll share. Hope this helps someone else.

  • Create an animated GIF using the software of your choice, specifying the animation to play once.
  • In this example, I also created a static GIF of the first frame that is displayed until the button is clicked.
  • Set an event on the object that will trigger the animation to begin: choose "Set Value", select your image object, and set the image path to use your animated GIF.

Now each time the event is triggered the animated GIF plays as desired. Best of all the animation doesn't need to be created re-created in Just In Mind. Hope this helps someone else.

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Looks like I missed the attachment.



Dear Bart,

Thank you so much for your contribution. :)


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