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Using a 'Link to" action, can I set a dynamic URL?

Answered Nipun Jethi 6 years ago

I have defined local variables that I then want to use in building a dynamic URL to be used in a on-tap + link-to action. Is this possible? It appears JIM only allows links to a static url or a prototype screen.

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How many possible URL's will you have? If it is a relatively small number, I might have a potential solution for you.


Thanks eggroll. I am not sure what relatively small is but... if you are talking about creating if-then's for each possible circumstance, say using dynamic panels, I think it's too many options for that kind of solution.

Thinking of something else? I am all ears! Thanks.


Yeah, I guess it is if-thens, but instead of dynamic panels I was going to suggest using the URL widget. Not 100% sure it would work, but it seems if you created a screen for each of your URLs, each one containing only the URL widget with the appropriate, um, URL, they would then be available as screens in JIM for you to link to. But you would need if-then's if the "link to" events for all of these screens is triggered by the same element.

Maybe this helps you get closer to a solution.


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