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Use scroll wheel to scroll dynamic panel (in editor)

Under Consideration Armin Seltz 5 years ago

How can I scroll the contents of a dynamic panel in the editor? I tried a few shortcuts, but I can't believe that you couldn't be able to scroll it. So I can only use the scroll bar and have to click and drag it? That would be crazy, since the scrollwheel is not tied to anything else in the editor (other than Ctrl-Wheel to zoom in/out).

Any reason why you disable the scroll wheel in the editor?

ps: also why does Ctrl-Scrollwheel only allow to move in the predefined zoom steps and not freely like the zoom tool does? It just makes the whole interface look as if its really laggy, but its just because it is zooming in fixed increments. How come? Nobody else does that..

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Hi Armin,

Great suggestion - I'll forward it to our team. We're always working on making performance of things like zoom better, so your feedback is helpful.



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