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Usability Enhancement Request: In properties panel and elsewhere, select field contents on focus

Completed Dave 9 years ago

When tabbing between fields, as in the Properties panel, it would improve usability if the contents of the field were selected when the field receives focus, something like I've whipped up in this JSFiddle: http://jsfiddle.net/dland/wtr6kk1r/

Click in the first field, then tab to the 2nd field. Shift-tab back to the first field.

The contents of the field are selected after the field receives focus, making it easier to tab, type, tab, type, and quickly update multiple fields.

Thank you!

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Suggestion for workaround on Mac OS X:

1) Buy and install Keyboard Maestro (well worth it for this and many other tasks)

2) Create a Macro for Justinmind only, with the Tab key as the trigger

3) Add 2 actions:

1. "Type the keystroke" "Tab" (this replaces the one that gets captured as trigger)

2. "Type the keystroke" "Shift-Command-Right Arrow" (This selects the contents of the field. DO NOT use "Command-A" for this, or bad things happen if you tab out of a field and onto a control like the lock between the "Left" and "Top" fields in the property editor.

With this macro active, typing tab does what I've requested above: tabbing into a new field automatically selects its contents. If you don't want to replace them (which is relatively rare), you can press Left Arrow or Right Arrow to go to the beginning or end of the field.


That workaround is a bummer. This would be a big help to me too if it were implemented properly.


Agreed, Kade: it's a crappy hack, but it's all we have for now.

Also, when tabbing into a multiline field (like the input for a textarea), it only selects the first line. I added a keystroke to select downwards, but now when I tab into numeric fields, they get incremented... Grr.


Implemented in version 6.6

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