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Usability Enhancement: Make canvas and expression-builder auto-scrolling a user-settable option

Completed Dave 8 years ago

As reported time and time again by me and lots of other people, the automatic scrolling of the canvas under many, many conditions (example: select a hidden object by clicking its X icon and toggle its visibility: the canvas scrolls so that the now-hidden element is at the top of the canvas) is entirely unnecessary and counter-productive.

I cannot think of a single time that the auto-scrolling canvas has helped me. It has always, always, always made things worse. Please get rid of it, or let me turn it off.

Please add a control so that people who hate auto-scrolling, like me, can get our work done without JustinMind deciding to move our work to where we cannot get to it.

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Hi Dave,

Thank you so much for your suggestion. This information has already been uploaded into our product's backlog so our development team can take it into consideration.


Sonia Durán

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