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"URL" or "Browser" widget is a nasty hack, makes pages that contain it almost impossible to edit

Solved Dave 9 years ago

I added an HTML widget to a screen of my prototype. I'm kind of wishing I hadn't.

Although it has the "eyeball" icon in the outline, it is totally non-functional — the selection rectangle and resize handles go away, but the content remains in front of everything on the screen, making the content behind it inaccessible.

In the canvas, it only shows a small portion (about 150px, vertically) of the page is selected by the URL. This makes it difficult to gauge how the page will look while editing.

It forces itself to be the top-most layer of the page, no matter where you put it in the outline. It is impossible to have components in front of it.

It is called "URL" in the widget panel, but "Browser" when added to the canvas — this suggests that it was implemented very carelessly — you didn't even bother to name it correctly.

I'm sure that there are others, but those three are bad enough. Is there any hope that it will be improved?

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Hello Dave,

Thank you for providing feedback on Justinmind's HTML widget. We are currently looking into the mentioned grievances and will report back as soon as more information is available regarding improvement.




Thank you. The thing I like best about Justinmind (after your outstanding product, however much I may complain about it) is the fact that there are real, responsive people like you, listenung to your customers.


I can't edit the first post (because it's been replied to — a reasonable limitation imposed by Justinmind's Community), so please consider this, too:

When a "Browser" component is selected in the outline (or on the canvas), the outline shows that "Browser" is selected, but the Events panel says "No item selected," which is untrue.

· Desirable solution: allow attaching events to browser components.

· Acceptable, but unsatisfying solution: change text to "Cannot attach events to selected item".


While I have your attention, also:

The "Browser" component does not fully support "Show" or "Hide" events: the "Effect" features are disabled.

The "Browser" component does not support opacity.

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