Url is nor working on android app

Ifwarholstillalive shared this problem 2 years ago
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i had linked an url to a hotspot. On the prototype it works great, but when i export to native app it does't work anymore :'(

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I have the same issue, link works whie simulating/ pressing "View on Device". Once I export it to native app, upload it to adobe phone gap to generate an apk, and install it, the URL links do not open at all on the android device. Is there any solution or work around for this?


This requires a few extra steps:

1 - Export to Native app

2 - Unzip the file

3 - Open the config.xml file and add these lines just before the tag


4 - Open index.html and add this line before the </body> tag

5 - Open resources/jim/javascript/function-jim-main.js and replace line 337 that says something like window.href with 

cordova.InAppBrowser.open(target, "_blank", 'location=no');

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