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Updating to 6.5.0 - data grids broken!

Solved Victor Conesa 9 years ago

6.5.0 Update completely broke my grids!

I had several grids within dynamic panels (tabs-like) linking to Data Masters with NoLayout and filtering through buttons.

After the update the grids became data lists, do not show any results and can't set a height of the grid so it overflows my panel and constantly shows a scrollbar even without any records being shown.

I've also tried starting a new data grid/data list but doesn't seem to work.

I'm a few days away from a demo...this is terrifying, right now I've lost many days of work... I'm in trial period right know trying to convince my firm to buy the product but this kind of thing is really not going to help conniving them...

Please help.

Ps: I work on 2014 Mac with Yosemite 10.10.2

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I have now downgraded to 6.4.1 and had a older copy of the prototype and I seem to have recovered most of my work but I really think the issue should be addressed.

Will not update JIM until I get some explanation on what has happened or what I did wrong. (I just updated and opened the prototype file)

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