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Updating shared Widget libraries

Answered Richard London 6 years ago

One member of our team has created a widget library and shared it with the rest of the team. Under the "Manage Widget Library" I am able to add this widget library.

I have dragged one of the widgets into my file and made some amends to it, I have renamed it and would like to add it back to the previously downloaded widget library, so that the rest of the team can use this widget. However the under the "Add to Widget Library" contextual menu the widget library is greyed out.

Why is this? and how can I add future items to this widget library?


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Hi Richard,

Unfortunately only the library owner is able to make edits to the shared widget library However, there are two workarounds for this:

1) The owner of the custom library can send the .jpl file to the user who would like to edit it. The user can then make edits, and will then need to send the updated .jpl file back to the owner so they can import the updated version into Justinmind.

2) You create a user that's just dedicated to creating and sharing custom widget libraries. You can make sure everyone knows the email and password for this account. Then, when anyone would like to make a change to the widget library, they can login to this account, update the library, and then share the library again.

Hope this helps.

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