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Updating my Sketch file doesn't update JustinMind file

In Progress William Leung 5 years ago

First time using JustinMind and I feel the app is not that flexible in terms of file synching.

I exported my file from Sketch, and I did some simple linking from one page top another. Then I did an update in my sketch file and I exported again in JustinMind, and to my surprise I had to put back all my linking...it doesn't retain the hyperlink unlike Invision or other prototyping tool which just update the image but kept all the "events" or hyperlinking.

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Unfortunately you won't be able to import just the design changes, as the Sketch plugin generates a whole .vp file from your art-boards. A possible workaround could be to import those Sketch screens with new changes into your original .vp file ( File -> Import prototype), and then copy and paste the events on the previous iteration onto the new version of the screen, or copy and paste the new changes in the screens into the old screens with events.

However, if the changes you need to make are minor (i.e. changing text style, or color of elements) we recently introduced a feature that lets you replace styles of elements quickly, which you can do by going to Edit -> Replace styles.

Apologies for any inconvenience.

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