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Unexpected error on a shared prototype

In Progress Jonathan Serex 4 years ago


I'm facing an issue with the teamwork functionality.

I selected a shared prototype with the option "Teamwork/Open shared prototype"

I can open it without issue (I guess because I have a local copy ?)

Then, when I want to start to work on the prototype, the system tells me that an update has been found and ask me if I want to update it. I select "Ok".


Finaly, the system tells me that he faced an "unexpected error"


Conclusion: I'm stuck an unable to work on this prototype. How can we solve this situation ?

I've attached the log file in case it can help.

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More information on this.

After checking, my colleagues working on the same prototype do not face any issue to open it and share it. Could it be that the root of the issue is with my local copy ? If yes, how can I delete it ?


You can delete your local copy from Justinmind - Preferences (File - Preferences if you're in a PC), Justinmind Account and then pressing the 'Clear Data' button


Hello Danielle,

I've tried to clear the local copy as you described, but unfortunately it did not solve the issue. I still get the "unexpected error" message.

My colleague has also tried to "re-commit" the prototype, but it hasn't helped either.

Can you please advise how we could solve this issue ?

I'm joining the latest version of the log file. (note: I'm working on two shared prototypes. One is working fine, and only the second is facing this "unexpected error" issue).

Thanks in advance for your support !

Files: logs.log

I'm sorry to say an error on the server a few days ago made that prototype's version somewhat corrupted in the server. So this is what you guys can do:

- From the computer that has the latest changes, open that prototype and select 'File - Save a copy'

- Then open that copy and go to teamwork - Share . That will create a new shared prototype.

- Invite whoever was in the other prototype to this new prototype.

If the other users had changes that they didn't commit, they can use the option 'File - Export prototype' to export them in a vp file and then, in the shared prototype, they can apply those changes using the option 'File - Import prototype'.

We apologize for the inconvenience


Thanks for the feedback Danielle.

We will proceed as per your instruction.

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