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Trying to make a calendar grid using a table and a data master. Read on for more requirements...

Answered Victor Conesa 9 years ago

I have a table that I am using to mimic a calendar grid. It has 7 columns for Monday through Sunday and 24 rows for each hour of the day.

I have created a data master with Day, Time, Subject and Location fields.

I would like to populate the cells of the calendar table with events based on the data master. For example, if one row of the data master is "Monday, 9am, Test Subject, Test Location" it should be placed in the Monday column in the 9am row.

Is this possible?

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I should also add that a longer term goal is for a user to create a new "event" which will write to the data master and thus show up on the calendar surface.


If you or anyone else is working on a Calendar Project, I would very much like to share the load on the project if you are willing to share with me the work that you have done so far. If anyone else out there has a finished calendar that they are willing to share with the community that would also represent a fantastic starting point. I am happy to share what I have when I am done as well.


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