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Trying to customize list items screen

Solved Anton 4 years ago

I'm trying to use Justinmind software, I would like to create a list of items (same item layout but different data) I created a new screen and used list items screen. I started to edit the outline (I started to delete items from the list that I won't use). After deleting several items I realized that there are wholes in the list (blank spaces). I would like somehow to wrap the content of the existing items that are in the list (similar like on Android) how could I manage to achieve this?

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You can try grouping all of the individual list items - so the each List item will include the text, line separator, and the icons of the item. In the end there should be one group for each list item. Once you've done that, select the 'List' panel and change its layout to Vertical. You can then delete a group and the list items should wrap.


Thank you it fixed the issue.

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