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Trouble in positioning textareas & custom select box on mobile

In Progress Anton 4 years ago

I created a screen which contain several textareas and custom select boxes. I'm trying to see how it will on my tablet. At the beginning I tried to change the scaling to fit screen, it helped, now I see the screen is not zoomed in and everything in the right place except for the textareas and select boxes which move to right for some reason. I use for testing Samsung Tab 8 (which has screen resolution of 1280x800) I'm not sure if it's an issue but this device has physical buttons.

When I also try to move the text areas to the left (to fix the right margin (it's not the right solution)), the textareas becomes smaller for some reason.

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Thanks for letting us know about this! If possible, can you attach a screenshot of how the design looks in Justinmind vs. how it looks on your tablet?


I tried to build a simpler prototype I was not able to reproduce the problem in select box (I will check it again), in the mean time I managed to reproduce the problem with the textarea. I changed the simulate settings to fit to screen size (for mobile). I attached screenshots of the problem.


After I double checked the first prototype I used select (under forms and controls) where is also the textarea controller could be found. The first select box controller is custom select list (under forms and inputs).

Do I need to configure something in the prototyper/mobile app to use the android components?

Thank you!

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