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Transition from prototype to Web app or Mobile app

Answered RayMach 3 years ago

Is it possible to get the back end code for the prototype designed.

Please assist with the steps to ease the development of web app and Mobile apps using the Prototypes.


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Justinmind provides several options to get you on your way to creating a real, working application from your prototype.

Option 1: Export your prototype to a native app using PhoneGap. Learn more about this here.

Option 2: Use the API/SDK to generate some interface code. Learn about this here.

Option 3: Export your prototype to HTML (File -> Export to HTML), which will generate a document with folders including HTML, javascript, and CSS.

Option 4: Use Developer Mode. Your developer can check out the CSS and other assets within the prototype.

Let me know if this helps!

Thank you kindly,


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