Too may copies of Registry Key

Subbaiah K Poovaiah shared this problem 2 years ago

I have one pro registry key which I had installed on a desktop. I have now uninstalled the same from the desktop and am trying to install the same on my Laptop. However, when I enter the registry key, it says that there are too many copies of the same and asks me un uninstall atleast one copy. Where am I going wrong?

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We had the same problem. Justinmind wont let you have another device in your household. I ended up taking it off the imac and left in on the labtop. Somehow its not so much fun to work on the labtop as it is on the imac. It all turned uncomfortable and i ended up hesitating to design many things because of the sheer limitation. Ultimately loosing out on money and not using Justinmind that often as i should have.

You will have to pay another FULL license to use Justinmind on your home devices.

They wont let you do it anyhow else.




Every named user, with both a desktop and a secondary laptop/home computer, can legally install and use Justinmind on both computers. Each license includes two activations that you will be able to use in two different computers.

For further inquiries about your license please contact us through our Customer Support Portal and we will be glad to help you resolve the matter.


Sonia Durán