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Toggle to move does not revert to original position

Known Julian Dyer 6 years ago

Moving an element from one position to another with the toggle event input does not move the element back on a second click.

Element position is set on canvas (X:93 Y:258)

Event created to move on toggle to X93 Y:103

When simulated, the element is moved when clicked to X:93 Y:103 (expected behaviour)

On the next click the element disappears - element position cannot be determined on the canvas.

Expected behaviour:

Element should move back to the original position on the canvas (X:93 Y258) on the second click.

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Dear Julian,

Sorry for our late response. Can you send me an example so I can see what might be happening? You can attach here the .vp file compressed in a .rar format.


Sonai Durán

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