Toggle to move does not revert to original position

Julian Dyer shared this problem 23 months ago

Moving an element from one position to another with the toggle event input does not move the element back on a second click.

Element position is set on canvas (X:93 Y:258)

Event created to move on toggle to X93 Y:103

When simulated, the element is moved when clicked to X:93 Y:103 (expected behaviour)

On the next click the element disappears - element position cannot be determined on the canvas.

Expected behaviour:

Element should move back to the original position on the canvas (X:93 Y258) on the second click.

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Dear Julian,

Sorry for our late response. Can you send me an example so I can see what might be happening? You can attach here the .vp file compressed in a .rar format.


Sonai Durán