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Toggle through status list

Answered Omadi UX 6 years ago

I am designing an interface where I have a button that updates a status (Dispatched, At Scene, At Destination, Completed). Each time button is clicked the text in the button needs to update to the next status. Of course, I could do this manually with events and dynamic panels (updating and displaying a variable) but that seems like overkill.

Is there a way I can do it via a Data Master? Where each time the button is clicked it just updates the text to the next status in the list? Any help is much appreciated.

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Dear Jeremy,

You should follow this steps:

1. Create a DataMaster with 2 columns.

2. The first column should include some correlative ID's (Example: 1,2,3...)

3. The second column should contain the different status (Dispatched, At Scene, At Destination, Completed...)

4. Then you will need a variable that contains the current status.

5. Add an "on click" event at the button and add +1 to the current status.

6. Finally, add a "set value" event in order to search the text of the data master using the value of the variable.

Hope this helps.


Sonia Durán

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