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Toggle show/hide group still has active hotspots

Known Jason B 6 years ago

I have a hamburger menu that I want to toggle show/hide whenever someone clicks the icon.

The menu is an image and hotspots. I've both tried grouping them together, and putting them into a dynamic panel.

No matter what I try, one of two things happens:1. I can toggle the display and the image will show/hide, but the hotspots will always be there and clickable.

2. I can hide everything, but can't toggle them on. This seems to primarily happen when I use "hide component."

this really shouldn't be a difficult thing to accomplish, so I'm a little surprised at how wonky this is.

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I appear to have figured it out, but it's worrisome that the solution is this abysmal.

I had to explicitly "hide component" on the hotspots. They fundamentally behave differently than the image - if I put the toggle & show event on the image or on the group, the image will be hidden by default, but if I put it on either one of those the hotspots will be shown no matter what and ignore the event.

Even if I put toggle & show on the hotspots themselves, they still ignore the event and display regardless. it's only when I explicitly go in and 'hide component' that they will then hide and then toggle appropriately.

Why do components work fundamentally different from one another when behaviors are introduced?


And now the hotspots aren't responding to the interaction anymore, regardless of if I show or hide them by default.

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