Toggle Change Style with Gradient element does not revert to original style

Julian Dyer shared this problem 2 years ago

When toggling elements that have a gradient applied, the action is not reset to the original.

Reproducible bug setup:

1. Create rectangle and apply a gradient style.

2. Create a hotspot. Set the action to 'Toggle', then 'Change Style' to the rectangle with the gradient. Set Background to a solid colour.

3. Simulate. When clicking the hot spot, the gradient rectangle changes to the solid colour (expected behaviour). Clicking the hot spot again then removes all colour style for the box.

Expected Behaviour:

The second click of the toggle action should revert to the original setting, rather than stripping all of the background colour style.

I have attached a prototype showing this bug. I think the toggle action in general does not capture and revert to settings (as I have identified in other bug posts).



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Hi Julian,

Thank you very much for reporting this! I have sent it to our development team and we'll work on fixing it right away.




This has been fixed in our new update today. Go to Help -> Check for updates, or go to Justinmind.com/download to get version 8.5.