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The target variables are lost during exporting/importing prototypes with dependencies

Known vs1969-2 6 years ago

When the part of the prototype including e.g. screens and masters is exported with dependencies, and then imported into another prototype, the references to variables and data masters are correctly preserved, except for the target variables for "On Variable Change" events, all these events are changed into "On Change of Any Variable". This is not related e.g. to lacking the variables in the new prototype, as the variables are preserved as well and the correct references to these variables can be seen e.g. in conditions defined for the same events. This is an important problem which makes exporting/importing subsets of prototype elements much more difficult, as all these target variables must be corrected after import one after another - by hand.

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Dear v1969-2,

Thank you for taking the time to report this. I will transfer this information to our development team so they can take it into account on future updates of Justinmind.


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