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Target variables and the names of the screen elements are missing from the Customized Reports

Known vs1969-2 6 years ago

I already posted it in a comment, but I believe it deserves a separate topic.

The customized report feature is not very useful at the moment as the generated list does not include:

1) the names of the target variables for On Variable Change events.

2) the names of the screen elements that events/interactions are connected to.

The report includes only the numbers which can be seen on screen captures which is not always convenient especially when dynamic panels are used. And with the 'numbers on captures' switch turned off, the provided information does not make sense at all as there is no way to connect the interactions with anything.

Without the above information, it cannot serve as a reference for the events defined in the prototype.

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Hi there,

Thank you for your suggestion. We'll take into account for future updates.


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