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The message jimScenarios is not defined appears after exporting to HTML

Solved Victor Conesa 8 years ago

The "login" button is not working when i click after the exportation to HTML.

When i click F12 on my browser, the message "jimScenarios is not defined" appears.

What's happening?

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Hi Jessica,

This is a very specific and uncommon error, so I have a few questions, your answers to which will help with figuring out what's causing the error, and will help us fix it.

So, does exporting it again fix the issue? Have you experienced other errors with this prototype before with locking your license, or anything else linking to issues with your PC not being able to write permissions into Justinmind folders? Does this happen with other prototypes when you go to export to HTML? Do you have any issues with sharing your prototype to our online server?



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