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TFS sub area integration

Known Chris Silva 3 years ago

When trying to import and export requirements with TFS (Azure Dev Ops), I need to have the process push and pull requirements based on a sub-area within a single TFS project. (Background: TFS suggests having a single project with subareas representing GIT repositories (i.e. projects). This creates a 1 to many association with TFS and JIM. When I include the sub area in the "Project", it still pulls in all requirements from the root project (in my test instance it pulled over 9K requirements).

I have tried to add a focused url, but it fails to connect... and a focused 'project' name... which also failed.

Please let me know if this is possible and how to do it.

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Thank you for reaching out. You can accomplish this by creating a query in your server and then selecting that query in the configuration of the TFS plugin.

Let me know if this works!

Thank you,



I have tried to use a query before, but the configure tool only has "None" as an option. How do I get it to show the list of queries in TFS?



I shortened the project key to the root, saved the settings, then reopened the configure tool and was able to see the list. Will play with this for a bit. Thanks!

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